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Shaopeng Chen


Since its inception in 2012, Joyvio Group has always adhered to the mission of “serving China with advanced industries and improving people’s life with healthy diet,” and continued to develop the modern agriculture and food industry. By implementing the strategy of “sourcing resources worldwide for Chinese consumers,” we have built a world-class and advanced operating model covering the whole industry chain, set up high standards for the development of the industry and led the modernization drive of the industry. 

With rapid economic growth in the past decades, China has fully entered into a new era of consumption, and Chinese consumers’ focus has been fast shifted from “having enough to eat” to “having good, right food to eat.” And it’s the responsibility for modern food companies to provide them with healthier and better products and services. After years of practice, Joyvio Group has remained true to its founding mission and established a leading global industrial platform in the fields of fruits, high-quality animal protein, nutritious 3R food, smart group meals and smart technology, and become a new-generation pioneer and well-known brand of the industrialization of agriculture and food industry in China. As a listed animal protein subsidiary of Joyvio Group, Joyvio Food focuses on the integration of high-quality protein ingredients sourced worldwide, develops super nutrital elements represented by antioxidant and Omega-3, builds a new-generation matrix of nutritious 3R food, and leads the upgrading of Chinese food consumption.

Joyvio is a pioneer in the upgrade of nutritious diet. We hope that Joyvio Food will continue to seek higher-standard solutions for “how to eat well and eat right,” create greater value for the better life of the Chinese people, promote the upgrading of domestic protein industry and people’s nutrition with concrete actions, and implement the “Healthy China” strategy.
General Manager

Yin Tang

General Manager

Joyvio Food has started to build up its global presence since day one. With its strong industrial practices, it has driven the development of business on multiple fronts and become the only Chinese company that controls high-quality and scarce upstream resources, and covers the entire industry chain from salmon aquaculture, import, processing, to sales.

In this stage of high-quality development and in the people’s pursuit of a better life, high-quality marine-based protein has become an important factor for the Chinese people’s health and nutrition upgrade. Keeping up with the times, Joyvio Food makes every effort to build a professional, eco-friendly and branded high-quality protein industry chain covering both domestic and overseas markets, brings high-quality overseas deep-sea food ingredients to households, continues to diversify people’s “blue table,” to meet the demand for sufficient high-quality marine-based protein, and strives to become a pioneer among Chinese marine food enterprises. 

Let’s embrace the future of infinite possibilities. We will stand firm behind our ideals and beliefs, actively assume our corporate social responsibility, work with all partners to deliver the best food produced in the world’s best places of origin to our consumers, regardless of the distance and with professional and premium services. At the same time, we will strive to meet market challenges, actively embrace broader development opportunities, build up our edge in brand awareness and market penetration, make our high-quality development more resilient and create more value than investors expected.